Fizzy Living's Tenants vs Landlords Football

Chris from TwoBlue  heads down to Powerleague Shoreditch to see how Fizzy Living is changing the tenant/landlord dynamic


How often are London’s renters given the opportunity to face-off against their landlord in a 5-a-side footie match? As well as providing high-quality living on-site, our client Fizzy Living has proven its skills on the pitch. On the 26th May, I took to the pitch with Fizzy FC at Lucozade Powerleague Shoreditch for a real first in the London renting scene.

Fizzy is living up to their tagline of ‘reinventing renting’ in all sorts of practical and creative ways, and as a young person renting in London, I can’t think of another landlord that is making the same efforts to redefine the culture of tenant/landlord relations.

Fizzy Living Interior, Stepney Green

Fizzy spoke to their tenants about their experiences of renting and found that 70% would like to see more social events organised. Not only are they creating a community at each individual development, but they are also working to establish links between all of their London developments; Team Tenant consisted of renters from our East London buildings in Canning Town, Stepney Green and Poplar.

I was overwhelmed by the off-pitch offerings as well, with plenty of beer and post-game pizzas for all those who came down.

After a closely contested game, the Tenants came out on top, winning by 5 goals to Team Fizzy’s 3.

Thanks for inviting us Fizzy – we’ll see you at the next match!


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