2017 March


31 Mar: New Property Launches – Chelsea Waterfront in The London Magazine

Ruth Bloomfield highlights that Chelsea Waterfront’s towers will be released later this year in The London Magazine One of the major stories of this year’s spring launch season is the reinvention of the industrial area between Chelsea Harbour and Battersea Bridge. Chelsea Waterfront, on Lots Road, is perhaps – the redevelopment of the Lots Road Power Station and its eight-acre hinterland – is…

Wolffe Architects

27 Mar: David Wolff features in Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine and the Kensington & Chelsea Magazine

Made to Measure: Lauren Stevens interviews to discuss the most extravagant additions to London’s palatial homes. The prospect of creating an alternative climate in a residential home was new ground to be covered; Wolff Architects created an ice room as part of a spa in a Hampstead home. In 2015 there were new restrictions put in place which limit depth in crafting basement…


17 Mar: Absolutely London – Why Over Fifties Are Downsizing And Moving To The City.

Why Are do Over-Fifties Downsize? According to Savills, two-thirds of all housing wealth is tied in homes owned by retirees. Approximately 55,000 people downsize per year. “Hassle-free living has huge appeal in this case, especially for those looking to enjoy their new-found leisure time.” Another development popular with over-55-year-olds is Charles Baker Place in Wandsworth. Nick Heritage of Chester Row says he has seen…