The Telegraph – Grab the popcorn: how the home cinema became the hottest ticket in town

 David Wolff is quoted in The Telegraph’s piece on the growing popularity of home cinema systems

The growing popularity of home streaming services such as Netflix has given rise to an increasing number of families bonding in front of screens in their own homes rather than more traditional areas like kitchens and dining rooms. This has led to the cinema room becoming a staple of new luxury developments, however alternative options are also making their way into many of the UK’s private homes.

wolff-architects-david-wolffDavid Wolff, founder and director of Wolff Architects, says that when crafting an in-house movie theatre atmosphere and lighting are of equal importance to the technical items such as a widescreen and surround sound. He cites the need for the room to be balanced, designed with both children and parents in mind.

The online piece, which features further comments from David Wolff, can be read on The Telegraph’s website at the link below:

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