The Telegraph – The rise of the granny annexe

Charles Baker Place features in Saturday’s Telegraph property piece on “granny annexes”

These spaces allow families to comfortably house several generations, albeit under separate roofs thanks to a self-contained space, generally nestled in a property’s back garden.

The multi-generational trend is growing in popularity, with around 125,000 families adopting it across the UK. Among these families are the Diers, who site comfort, independence and closeness to family, as some of the many benefits on offer from this lifestyle.

The garden studios in Charles Baker Place’s five-bedroom townhouses feature prominently in the article, with Chester Row’s Nick Herrtage highlighting the flexibility these spaces have on offer to help accommodate older residents.

The full article includes further quotes from Nick Herrtage and others in the property industry, as well as comments from more homeowners who have employed a “granny annexe” in their own properties, visit the link below to find out more:

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