Estates Gazette – Housebuilders and PRS make a great team

Mark Alnutt of Greytar UK explores how housebuilders and build-to-rent developers can work together, in Estates Gazette

Increasing collaboration between housebuilders and the build-to-rent industry has paved the way for business partnerships with a number of benefits for all those involved.

greystar-mark-alnuttDespite there being several differences between the traditional business models of build-to-rent developers and housebuilders, managing director of Greystar UK, Mark Alnutt, highlights a number of areas that make these two industries ideal partners.

Their pipeline and capacity to deliver make housebuilders an enticing collaborator for the private rental sector, while the two contrasting financial models each contribute to the different phases of the development cycle.

The full opinion piece features in a recent edition of Estates Gazette:


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