The Telegraph- Inside the homes that are being built to help fight the UK’s loneliness epidemic

Fizzy Living features in The Telegraph’s coverage of new developments that are working to tackle loneliness among their residents

Many residential developers are beginning to recognise that overall happiness plays a much larger role in their residents’ quality of life than the design or finish of their property. Equally important to residents is their physical and emotional well being – whether this comes in the form of high-end amenities or on-site social events.

At the core of this shift in priorities is the UK’s loneliness epidemic, which has affected the lives of nine million people across the country. The strong link between mental health and the built environment has led many developers to incorporate novel solutions to combat this issue in their own properties. These efforts have proved particularly popular with millennial tenants thanks to a growing trend in favour of flat sharing and co-living.

fizzy-living-miloFizzy Living is combating loneliness in their build-to-rent developments through their unique pet-friendly approach to renting. Many of their properties not only allow renters to bring their pets along, but also tailor the experience towards them with specialised pet grooming stations and regular “Yappy Hour” social events.

Telegraph account holders can read the full article here, which features further comments from Harry Downes, Managing Director of Fizzy Living.

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