Metro Property takes a tour of Chelsea Waterfront

Upon its completion in 2021, the landmark residential development will come to include Chelsea’s historic Lots Road Power Station and Tower West’s imposing 37-storey building

The site has a long history of breaking records. When the power station was completed in 1904, it held the title of the largest power station ever built – as expected of the first driving force behind London Underground. After Lots Road Power Station finally closed its doors in 2002 it stood as the world’s longest-running power station. Fast forward to 2018 and the site of the power station is still setting unprecedented records, this time as the first major residential development in over a century to grace the north bank of the River Thames.

chelsea-waterfront-tower-westLots Road Power Station’s trademark chimneys will soon have mirroring partners in the form of the 37-storey Tower West and its smaller counterpart. The towers come from the mind of Sir Terry Farrell, the architect and master planner behind the ambitious 11.3-acre regeneration project. Upon its completion in 2018, the completed Chelsea Waterfront scheme that surrounds Tower West will include. Upon its completion in 2018, the wider Chelsea Waterfront scheme that surrounds Tower West will come to include retail space, luxuriously appointed apartments and a 24-hour concierge.

Metro Property recently enjoyed a visit to the 28th storey of Tower West. Set on a sweeping river curve on the Thames’ north bank, this exclusive vantage point affords all-encompassing views of the capital’s skyline unlike anything else on offer in London. From here guests and residents can look out over the likes of Shard, the London Eye, Canary Wharf, Wembley Stadium and beyond.

The article – written by Jo Knowsley – features further details on the development and comments from architect Sir Terry Farrell. The coverage can be read in full on the Metro’s website here.

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