International investors flock to Chelsea Waterfront for the river views

Our client Chelsea Waterfront features in Tempus’ look at the new development trends that are shaking up how international buyers invest in London

Even in the midst of political uncertainty, London is a bustling investment hotspot for international property buyers. Knight Frank’s residential development partner Alex Carr puts this down to the changing trends in how we’re living, which have shaken up how developers approach the look and feel of their latest schemes.

River views

Waterfront properties command a value premium all over the world, however, Carr says that this fact is especially relevant for the capital. The River Thames in London is one of the world’s most famous rivers, so properties along its banks like Chelsea Waterfront will always prove popular with buyers and investors looking for something special in their next property.

View towards Tower West
View towards Tower West and the River Thames

The development sits on a sweeping river curve of the Thames north bank. From here, residents enjoy one of the most exclusive vantage points in the city, with a captivating panorama that takes in iconic London landmarks from Chelsea and beyond.

Last year, Chelsea Waterfront celebrated the official launch of its landmark Tower West building. The tallest residential building for miles, it comprises 37-storeys of cutting edge architecture from the world-renowned Sir Terry Farrell. Each floor makes an ideal setting to spend an evening taking in riverside views of London’s soaring skyline.

The full article can be read on the Tempus website here.


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