Bringing a new website to life with a bespoke illustration

Creating a website which is functional, visually appealing, and an effective communications platform can be a major undertaking. TwoBlue Communications was recently instructed by MGT Investment Management to project manage the design and development of a new website which achieved this brief.

Phillip Buckingham's bespoke illustration for MGT Investment Management's new website
Phillip Buckingham’s bespoke illustration for MGT Investment Management’s new website

MGT is an independent real estate investment manager with a current focus on the build-to-rent asset class in the UK and Europe. When Charles Graham, Henry Morris and Callum Thorneycroft set up MGT in 2017, building a business and acquiring a development pipeline was their immediate priority. The initial website was relatively basic but served a purpose. Fast forward two years and MGT decided it had outgrown this website and required a more mature online presence.

MGT is a thematic investor with investment strategies shaped by broad, macroeconomic themes. Each of their strategies is human centric, revolving around how people interact with real estate. This research-led investment approach incorporates bespoke modelling of population, productivity, economic, employment, education, housing and transport data.

We wanted to find a creative way to bring this intelligent and complex investment approach to life. In consultation with MGT, it was agreed that a bespoke graphic would be ideal and would serve as the focal point for the new website.

We appointed architectural illustrator Philip Buckingham to create a bespoke illustration for MGT’s new website. Philip is a member of the Society of Architectural Illustration and his work has been exhibited internationally and has appeared in The Architectural Review, Architecture Today and the RIBA Journal. Philip cleverly wove together different themes and elements to create a ‘hero image’ that articulates MGT’s nuanced and complex business strategy.

The result is a clean, contemporary website that is completely unique to MGT.

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