JTRE features in Estate Gazette

Property has welcomed new market certainty following a Conservative win in the General Election, which saw the party secure an 80-seat majority – its largest since 1987.

Our client, JTRE, was featured in an article written by Estate Gazette, in which different leaders within the property sector commented on how they felt and where they stood post-election.

JTRE has breathed a sigh of relief over the stability they hope the recent election result brings to the market. JTRE executive director Pavel Pelikan said: “JTRE, by nature, is a large-scale property developer and takes a long-term view with every market in which we invest. This is the view we took when JTRE entered the London market, a decision which was taken before the European Union membership referendum.

Pavel Pelikan executive director JTRE
Pavel Pelikan, executive director at JTRE

“We welcome the election result, which will bring an end to the uncertainty that has dogged the market and believe that it will lift confidence in the UK, lead to an increase in deal activity and encourage increased overseas investment. Our commitment to establishing a presence in the UK remains unchanged.”

JTRE is a Slovakian (and now global) property development company with over 23 years of experience within the industry. To learn more about the company and their current projects, visit their website here.

For those with a subscription to Estate Gazette, click here to read the article in full.

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