Harry Downes on the growth of Build-to-rent and the benefits it reaps

In a recent column for Property Week, Harry Downes (Managing Director of Fizzy Living) explores the difference between BTL (buy to let) and BTR (build to rent) landlords, highlighting the benefits of living in a BTR development.

In the past there have been a worrying number of rogue BTL landlords; those that cut corners, illegally subdivided properties, ignored health and safety laws and failed to maintain their properties. In 2017, the growth of BTR enabled a new wave of rental accommodation which provides quality homes to the growing number of renters.

Fizzy Walthamstow - resident co-working space
Communal area in Fizzy Walthamstow, a BTR development by Fizzy Living


Harry Downes, Founder and Managing Director of Fizzy Living.

“The new sector, build-to-rent, provided purpose-built blocks of flats that benefited from professional management, onsite staff, flexible tenure and the long-term, low-risk, steady growth requirements of institutional investors.”

Fizzy is a rental company with multiple schemes across London. Each rental development offers many benefits for its tenants, from an onsite maintenance team to pet-friendly apartments. To learn more about Fizzy Living, click here. Property Week subscribers can read the article in full here.

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