Imbuel makes headlines in Homes & Property

Our client Imbuel enjoyed a fantastic feature in The Evening Standard’s Homes & Property this week. Founded by twins, William and Benjamin Samuels, Imbuel is designed to ease the process of furnishing and dressing properties. Imbuel works with developers, rental investors and property owners to dress luxury interiors to the highest standard and quality, at a competitive price.

Imbuel - London Collection Reception
Imbuel – London Collection Reception

So far they have two collections, the London Collection, which is tailored more towards a classic London townhouse, and the New York Collection, which would suit a flat or building with a modern twist. Each collection is made up of hand-made furnishings and furniture created by Britain’s best craftsmen, and all elements are made to order.

The Imbuel Collection - Reception Room Detail
The Imbuel Collection – Reception Room Detail

The Homes & Property article emphasised Imbuel’s superior level of service when fitting interiors into individual properties; from moving in the furniture to hanging up the curtains, they dress your entire property from start to finish.

 “The end result is a luxurious look and the quality of the selected craftsmen shines through in the finishing on cushions and carpets; the crafted mirrors and sophisticated designs.”

Read the Homes & Property article in full here, and to learn more about our fantastic client Imbuel, please click here.

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